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Role in the project:

For the conception of town planning projects and buildings the positions of dialogical design are relevant as the guidelines of gmp’s architectural understanding: simplicity, variety and uniformity, distinctiveness and structural order. In the processing of a project different parties are involved in the planning phases, for example clients, users, residents, stakeholders, building authorities. The development of appropriate and acceptable answers and solutions for problems demands openness for dialogue and the adaptation of one’s standpoint to changing conditions. Society and its complex political and economic mechanisms decide what is being built in what fashion.GMP-Role in the project will be:
(1) Co-design of Use Case Scenarios: participation in expert workshops / briefings during the first year of the project for definition of operator requirements / user demands on the part of the architects
(2) Usability / Functionality Test: During development phase test applications of single components of the tool (e.g. real time 3D visualization)
(3) Test Project Application: Application of the completed prototype tool in a real project

Persons involved:

Volkmar Sievers
Aleksandra Blazhevska - project staff

Contact details:

Volkmar Sievers
Phone: +49 40 88 151 0

Aleksandra Blazhevska
Phone: +49 40 88 151 0


Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Elbchaussee 139
22763 Hamburg


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