Role in the project:

For years, OPTIS has successively developed visual perception models, aiming to display on a screen or in a virtual reality centre, a realistic representation of what will be perceived by an observer during an event occurring under specific environmental conditions, whether it be under natural or artificial lighting.
OPTIS Imagine provides knowledge in the field of virtual reality, ergonomics and physically correct rendering engine.
OPTIS Imagine will coordinate WP 4 and participate in WPs 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8.

Persons involved:

Nicolas Dalmasso - wp-leader, task-leader
Lionel Bennesl - project staff

Contact details:

Nicolas Dalmasso
Phone: +33 483 770 485
Email: ndalmasso@optis-world.com

Lionel Bennes
Phone: +33 494 087 745
Email: lbennes@optis-world.com


Optis Imagine
ZE de La Farlède
60 rue Parmentier
83210 La Farlède



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